Memories for a lifetime // Family Photographer in Milwaukee

I hate to sound morbid, but you know when they say, “What’s one thing you’d grab if there was ever a fire in your house? This album is the one item I’d grab. It’s priceless.
— K. Y.

This is the reaction I get when my clients get their albums and look through them the first time. And I know that feeling remains even when I'm not there to watch eyes fill with tears while flipping the pages.

Every time I order an album, I get excited for it to arrive. I love running my hands over the lush leatherette cover, the magnificent, velvety pages, and the beautiful box with clear magnetic cover completes the elegant presentation. 

Whether you have a full day, half day, or just a 2 hour session, an album is the perfect way to tell the story of your family life in a beautiful, artful way. These heirloom albums are all handcrafted in Italy and will withstand the test of time, lasting for generations. The perfect family legacy.

The session above, was very momentous for the R. Family. They just moved away from Milwaukee, after living here for 9 years! The images in this album are deeply meaningful to them.

This is the home they brought their children home from the hospital when they were born.

This is the home in which they learnt to talk, love, give and forgive.

This is the kitchen in which they shared meals, conversations, and ????.

These are the rooms in which they played, they cried, they laughed and sometimes maybe even argued.

This home is where they welcomed friends, family, birthdays and milestones.

So many feelings and memories are stored in the walls of their home, and now they have visual proof in a real and tangible way to relieve their beautiful life in Milwaukee.

They capture a special moment in time, and they bring so much emotion when looking back at them. They transport me in time
— Marina (Mom)

The truth is, you don't need to be leaving your home in order to treasure what you have. Everyday - Today - is a perfect day to preserve your family life. If you'd like to document your life, with images that artfully tell your story, contact me today.