What a stay at home summer feels like // Milwaukee Family Photographer

Now that the kids are back at school, (day 2), I've had a couple free minutes to process my thoughts, feelings and photos.

Summers are so important to me, as a way for our family to reconnect and cultivate our relationships. Don't get me wrong, having the structure of school days throughout the year is wonderful for my children, but equally as important is the down time where we spend our days together as a family. Yes, sometimes there's fighting, but the overall feeling at the end of it all, is a feeling of warmth and togetherness.

As you are probably aware, I photograph our daily life all the time. This summer, I set out to make pictures that document the daily grind by bringing the viewer into the photo, creating a feeling that transcends my immediate family. My goal was images that are relatable, telling a universal story about summer. 

Let me just say this. Our summer wasn't grand by any means. We didn't road trip this summer. We didn't do any exotic adventuring. (I think the county fair was our most adventurous activity.) We hardly even went to any of the local places on our bucket list. It was a very low key, home-oriented summer, and it couldn't have been better. We read many books, spent a ton of time in our backyard and we even went grocery shopping all together (then I got smart and ordered the groceries to the house).

After curating a gallery from 3 months worth of photos, I've paired it down to these 21 images that best tell the STORY OF SUMMER.

I hope you enjoy.

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