Am I the only one without a New Year's resolution? // Milwaukee Family Photographer

Remember last year I started out on a 365 project - taking one photo everyday?

Well, while I didn't follow the "letter of the law", I did pick up my camera and take a photo each day (or at least, almost every day). You can see some of my early posts from last year here and here.

Mom's hand holding daughter's face

So yeah. I may not have taken a photo every day, edited it and uploaded it to share with all my cyber friends, but the real reason I took those photos, was for me. For my family. These are little snapshots into what our year looked like. Moments and memories that will be with us forever.

Here's a quick glimpse at my Non-365!

I just shared with a couple fellow photographer friends, that it seems like I'm the only one who isn't making an "official commitment or resolution" to join a 365 group or whatever.

But you know what I realized as the months and days marched along last year? The images I make, all have to come from within me. From my own inspiration. From my own feelings and emotions. And so for that reason, I'm going to continue on my Non-365 journey and I'll take photos, maybe everyday, maybe not everyday. But one thing is certain. When I'm inspired, when I see and feel something, I will document it and preserve it. Because that's really what it's all about. Preserving our cherished everyday moments. The ones that are so fleeting, we almost don't realize they're happening.

And truth is, I'd love to do this for you too! With each family that I meet, I am newly inspired to see all those moments. The love. The interaction. The relationships. The joy. The chaos. All of it! I see the wholesomeness in your family unit, and bring it to life in beautiful images. Works of real art. Contact me today to get your family story preserved. 


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