Goldfish Swim School // Brookfield, Wisconsin

The facility is welcoming, clean, and organized, and the staff is informative and friendly. The main thing I love about Goldfish Swim is that the pool area is so warm and you never get cold swimming!
— Amy Leigh Bachtell (friendly KidsCycle Mama)

Let me just start by saying that Goldfish Swim School has met and exceeded all my swim school expectations thus far!! 

Childrens splashing in the water during swimming lessons at Goldfish Swim School in Brookfield, Wisconsin

I am pretty particular about swim schools for my children. I started with my oldest when he was 6 months old. I was pretty spoiled with that experience. We were living in Toronto at that time, and we joined the unbelievable swim school of a close family friend of ours. That was just an amazing swimming lesson experience, and set the bar very high for our swim school expectations.

Then we moved to Milwaukee, and I was so sad about stopping swimming lessons and I knew I that was one thing I didn't want to give up on.

I researched every single swim school option in and around Milwaukee and settled on one. I was not thrilled with that experience at all. My son did not make any progress and I was quite underwhelmed. I continued my research, but found that most swim schools weren't a good fit for our family.

Enter Goldfish Swim School!

Their facility is happy, clean and so child friendly.

The instuctors are calm, patient and positive.

And the water is so warm!!

My son really enjoys swim classes at Goldfish swim school. The classes are personal and the instructors are hands on and safety of kids is always at the forefront. As a parent I love the small classes and flexible time that they offer as well.
— Nisha Menon

My 3 year old absolutely loves going swimming every week. She is learning all the skills for proper water safety. So much so, that when we recently went swimming on our winter break, I felt more confident with her ability to stay safe in the water, than my 5 year old (who has had no swimming lessons at all - but don't worry, we'll be starting him very soon).

Honestly, I can't say enough good things about Goldfish Swim School. If you've been looking for swimming lessons for your child, do yourself a favor and register at Goldfish. You will not regret it!


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