{Personal Project} Documenting Everyday // Real Life // One Photo A Day // Week 2&3 // Milwaukee Family Photographer

So I thought I would be able to keep up with blogging my 365 weekly, and turns out I wasn't so successful last week. Actually, I shouldn't say it that way. I sort of interrupted my flow with my own Day in the Life session last week - SEE IT HERE - and couldn't get around to blogging my "regular" 365 images last week. So today you are privileged to get 2 weeks worth of photos!

Something during my second week, I took it upon myself to document our day too. So I may or may not have cheated and used some of the images from throughout my day for some of my 365 days.

Days 7-12 we did very exciting things. 

We had meetings. We baked. We hugged. We brushed our hair. We took awalk in the snow.

This week I've been challenging myself to try and find light in unexpected places.

13. So on our only sunny day of the week, we discovered beautiful golden hour sun, streaming through our living room windows.

14. I was going to write, "On laundry day...", but it feels like every day is laundry day. In any event, she loves helping me with the laundry (whatever day I do it).

Mommy's little helper

15 & 16. Keeping busy indoors when it's too wet and icy to play

17. Getting together with local, like minded artists and their kids is always a fun activity. 

Two little girls standing near a koi pond at the Mitchell Domes in Milwaukee.

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