Summer activities // Kenosha County Fair

I know I haven't blogged in forever! I think we're going to work our summer backwards, but whatever works. So here goes.

Summer on our end, was so amazing! 10 weeks just seemed to fly right by!

We've wanted to go to a fair, and I felt too intimidated to go to Wisconsin State Fair with my kids by myself. Not the place for an introvert. Too many people. Too much going on.

So we compromised and went to a county fair. Kenosha County Fair, was the perfect venue. Small, intimate, family friendly with so much to see and experience.

Of course, the favorite part was all the carnival rides.

Next year we'd like to check out other county fairs in the area. What other county fairs around the Milwaukee area should we check out? Please share your nuggets with me! 

And if you've ever (or never) thought about having your family photo session at the fair!

LET'S CONNECT! These sessions are so much fun!


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