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It's the end of the month already, (May?? How did that happen so quickly?), and it's time for our Storytellers Blog Circle. 

This month has been a great introduction to summer! Spring has finally arrived and we are all so ready to be playing outdoors (all day and all night).

It has definitely been raining quite a bit here, but there have also been lots of sunny days. In fact, I was talking to my sister in law, on yet another rainy day, and we were trying to figure out how we should entertain our kids. She was complaining that it's been so gray, and cloudy, and I said, "You'll see at the end of the day, right before the sun sets, the sun will come out". And it did!

This photo was taken on a  rainy day. It was so gray, foggy and rainy the whole morning and then the clouds disappeared, and we had a beautifully blue sky with perfect white clouds. The sun was playing a game of hide and seek and I captured this moment as it was shining so strongly, and 30 seconds later it was back to gray and overcast.

I love this image for many reasons. Firstly, for the sentimental feeling it gives me now (and for sure will give me in the future), as this is on the porch of my kids' great grandparents. We had just finished planting tomatoes for them, and the kids wanted a treat (of course :). And we all know, grandmothers - especially great-grandmothers - have the best treats! So we treated them to some frozen ice pops. And second, I loved the way the wooden beam created all these amazing shadows, and my son is sitting right in the perfect spot of sunlight.

And long after the sticky sweetness of the sugar filled treat they had disappears, the sweetness of this memory will always be with them.

And don't forget, this is a blog circle. Treat yourself to some eye candy and check out the rest of the posts from all my talented photographer friends. Check out Anna Liisa's story. She is a family photographer in Hollywood, FL.

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