Real and Beautiful Love Story Promotion for Milwaukee Families

Celebrating Real Life Love. Family Photography Promotion 


February is my birthday month! This year I am celebrating a "BIG BIRTHDAY"! And in honor of my special day, I am going to make this amazing offer, so you can document your special day - which is every day.

Let's celebrate your every day. Real life. Real love.

What does real life love look like?

It's not just about heart shaped chocolates and red roses. Love isn't what we may be made to think and believe.

Love is sharing our lives with someone (or someones), and it's sometimes messy and chaotic.

toddlers eating dinner with messy faces in Milwaukee

It's taking turns getting up at night with a crying baby.

It means going to work after a sleepless night, or going to the doctor's office when you had 100 other errands planned for that day.

It's appreciating that you don't always see your spouse as much as you'd like, because they're taking care of the family in a different way, while you stay home trying to work on some of your creative ideas, while dealing with tantrums and food fights.

It's picking up some take out, so dinner doesn't have to be made.

Love is having the patience to repeat yourself calmly, even when your 4 year old persistently asks for the same thing, and you've already said "no".

It's having a date night at home, playing a simple game, because you don't want to leave the kids with a sitter for the second or third time in one week.

It's washing endless loads of laundry for your family, and never seeing the bottom of the hamper. 

It's potty training, and newborn poop explosions, and bath time. It's wiping tears, bandaging skinned knees and validating hurt feelings.

Mom breastfeeding and dad changing a diaper on newborn twin boys in Milwaukee
Mommy's little helper

It's relinquishing the urge to protect your child from making silly choices, and letting them experience the natural consequences of their actions (obviously not if it will harm them in any way)

It's filling the car with gas, so you don't have to worry about it when taking your daughter to the dentist, then soccer practice then swim class.

It's letting your 10 year old follow a recipe from start to finish, and (probably) dealing with the flour, sugar and eggs all over the place.

And sometimes, it's saying nothing at all - just sitting together, sharing a knowing glance at the end of a long day.

Mom and Dad looking at each other with knowing glance in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin

Because after all, real life isn't about the gloriousness of golden fields and sun kissed hair.

Real life is sticky and gritty and messy, but oh so beautiful in all its ordinary simplicity.

Milwaukee people (and those of you in surrounding neighborhoods and Chicago!)

This cold February, is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your real life love with a family storytelling session!

For $200, you'll receive a 2 hour Slice in the Life Session.

Includes a beautiful 8x12 fine art print, professionally matted and ready for framing (artist's choice). 

Afterwards, you’ll get the opportunity to purchase what you love from an a la carte menu of prints, products and collections - a stunning way to celebrate the love of your family every single day.

Let's make meaningful art of your family's real, beautiful love.

(Send this link to your husband so he can get in touch with me. Or buy it for yourself. You deserve it)

Secure your session now.

*Fine Print: This story session voucher can be used to book a family session, an in-home newborn session, or a fresh 48 story. As well, the value can be applied toward a longer Half Day in the Life and a Full Day in the Life session. The session can either be in your home, or at a favorite location of your choice or a combination of both. (No digitals are included in the session fee.)

All sessions are unposed and documentary in nature - they're intended to capture real life. Check out my family gallery and newborn gallery and check out my blog for some of my blogged sessions if you aren't currently familiar with my work  (goodness I have so many more to blog).

Sessions are for immediate family only and must be booked by February 28, 2018 and take place by July 31, 2018 to take advantage of this promotion. (Don't worry about choosing a specific date for your session yet. Reserve it now with your session fee, and we'll book the exact date as we get closer).

Let's make meaningful art of your family's real, beautiful love.

(Send this link to your husband so he can get in touch with me. Or buy it for yourself. You deserve it)

Secure your session now.