Milwaukee In Home Newborn Session // Twins // Milwaukee Newborn Photographer

This was a special session for me. When I found out through a friend that the Community Liason Officer from our Police District was expecting I got all excited and wanted to give them a newborn session as a small gesture of our great thanks for all his involvement in helping keep our neighborhood safe. And then I found out that they were expecting twins! And I knew for sure that I wanted to photograph them in their new reality of parents of 3 under 3!

So I reached out to the officer and then heard back that they had just found out that their sons would be born with severe health problems. And so the session fell to the wayside and I figured if and when they felt up to it, they'd contact me.

And then one day I got a call saying she was labor and would I still be up to doing a session? Is that even a question? I'm always up for documenting newborns! So we touched base and they wanted the photo session sooner than later, because the boys would probably need surgery and/or braces to correct club foot. And by sooner I mean like within the first week of their birth! Seriously! Mom looked awesome just 7 days after birthing 2 humans!!

Mom and Dad are so in sync with each other. They've got this thing down pat! Bottles, breastfeeding, diaper changes and all while juggling the needs of their 3 year old.

And best news of all, is the boys are completely healthy! No clubfoot or any other health issues!! 

To get a feel for the whole session, and all the wonderful moments that we captured, watch the slideshow below.

Are you or anyone you know expecting? There's something special about documenting the newborn stage in the comfort of your own home. 

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