Local Outings Blog Circle // Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago // Milwaukee Family Photographer

Last month we went on a family outing to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago.

It was a fascinating trip for everyone involved - adults, big(ger) kids and littles.

They got to do lots of exciting hands on activities, like drive a tractor, go on a real pretend airplane, finish electric circuits by pedaling on a bike and lots of water play.

One of the most confusing and fun parts is the Mirror Maze. Walking through it, you don't know if the person you're looking at is real or a reflection or many reflections. Can she hear you if you talk to her? If you stretch your arm out will you touch her? It was definitely a highly brain stimulating activity that left us all a bit dizzy!

I can positively say, (even without double checking with the kids) that the highlight of the trip was watching an egg hatch! We got to see how the chick works its way through the egg until it comes out completely! That was such a wondrous thing to see!

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