I Went to Denver!! // Professional Development // Family Documentary Photography

Last week I, along with 5 amazing ladies, had the immense privilege of attending a workshop in Denver with Kirsten Lewis, world-renowned family documentary photographer.

Children climbing on parents' headboard, mom holding baby looking up at the kids with a tired smile

I do not have enough words to adequately explain the experience. I can say it was insanely intense, completely fueled by adrenaline, waking up at 5:30 to start our shooting assignments, ending at 11:30 after going through the contact sheets of what we had photographed during the day. Having Kirsten come along to our photo sessions, to help guide us in the field so we can take and make the photos we see, and translate them into the perfect image was invaluable!

Little girl's painted hands in bottom left hand corner of image, with painted handprints on concrete "walking across" to top left corner with brother's boots.

I have to say, the family I photographed was the best! When I received my assignment I got so excited!! "We are a crunchy family, don't have TV, cloth diaper lovers, plant based diet, book lovers, bike lovers.... I tandem breastfeed my baby and my toddler on demand. We are also baby wearers and cosleepers". I mean this is a page right out of my book!!

Toddler girl's legs sticking out from under a train table

Mom, Juliana, is a calm, supermom!! She is able to calmly discipline her children when she sees fit. Makes sure they act "Kind, Safe, Responsible and Respectful". She just goes with the flow of what her children want and need, all the while juggling 3 adorable, energetic children! I came home to my own children with a renewed commitment to be a better, more patient and calm Mom! (She's also somewhat of a superstar - with a YouTube channel for Brazilian Moms, filming the crafts, recipes and activities she does with children.)

5 year old boy eating lunch, stuffing his face with food coming out of his mouth

There was an amazing positive energy in that house, and I loved getting to know, and playing with Edward, Amelie, and Leon. We parted on such friendly terms, I (almost) feel as if I need to go back there and photograph them yearly!

Without further ado, I present to you: The Reigal Family.

Photographing them for a total of 12 hours definitely was tiring, but oh so invigorating!

I loved spending more hours with them than the 2-3 hour sessions I've been doing until now! A half day session really gives everyone a chance to just be! And you don't have to be doing, doing, doing the whole time. In fact, you don't need to be doing anything specifically for me at all! I literally just come in and document your day as it is. 

If you'd like more information on a Half Day in the Life Session, or a Slice in the Life Session, please reach out to me!! I have very few session dates left in 2017! But do not fear, we can book you in 2018 too! CONTACT ME, I'd love to chat with you!!

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