Bar and Bas Mitzvah Party // Milwaukee Photographer

I love photographing birthday parties. When you think of documenting a birthday party, you might think it's only for little kids - like first or second birthdays or for 5/6 year olds.


But in truth, every age and stage is a huge milestone. Especially for a girl turning 12 and a boy turning 13. And when you have both in one year, you get to make a combined Bar / Bas Mitzvah party for all your extended family!! 


This special family, who I'm lucky to call friends as well, celebrated with a beautifully intimate event for all their family and closest friends. And I was lucky enough to document it. I got one instruction and Amelia left the rest up to my creative vision. Her one instruction was to get photos of her Mom. She is the last living grandparent on both sides and they want to make sure they have their memories preserved with her. 


I have to say it was a pleasure meeting Bubbie (Mrs. Weitzman), who is so full of joie de vivre, happiness and great attitude!

I hope you enjoyed the slideshow. I love getting to meet extended families, watching dynamics, and seeing how everyone's personalities come out when they're all together! 

Are you planning a birthday, are your parents or in laws coming to visit, or do you get together with your friends and/or family for bbq dinners during the summer months? These are all special everyday moments that deserve to be documented and preserved!

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