5 on 5 - February // Airport Delays // Milwaukee Photographer // Everyday Family Storytelling

For those of you who are new here, 5 on 5 is a series of blog posts by fellow documentary photographers, where we tell a story with 5 images on the 5th of every month. To see our January story click here and make sure to follow the links all the way through to complete the circle.

Anyway, for this month I was thinking about what story I can tell in 5 images. We had a very busy month which included winter break for my kids. We took advantage and headed south to family friends to soak in sunshine and warmth.

But when the weather isn't so cooperative, and there are storms and tornadoes sweeping the area, it makes for delayed flights. And bored children. 

So what does a mom and her camera do? Document the ways we spent the time warding off the boredom. Watching airplanes take off. Go to the kids play area (thank goodness for that!). Watch the airplanes take off. Go to the kids play area. Did I mention watching the airplanes take off? Oh and eat lunch somewhere in there too. And watch people. And play in the play area again.

Yeah. That's pretty much what we did for three and a half hours!

To see the beauty that Margaret, a family documentary photographer in Spokane, WA, documented this month follow the link! Make sure to click through to complete the circle and be inspired by all the wonderful women who I'm luck to call my friends.