January 5 on 5 // Foggy Days // Milwaukee Photographer // Family Photojournalism

I'm generally a sun person. I love sunny days. They make me happy. But once in a while when we get fog - that makes me very excited too. Yes, everything is gray and damp. But the depth and dimension, or seeming lack thereof, gets me every single time.

So when I woke up on January 3, and saw that it was foggy, I knew I wanted to find a park with a tree-lined trail so I can get some really cool photos in the fog.

But I have little opinions that matter too. And when my 2 year old insisted on going to get her morning treat from her grandmother, (part of her daily routine), I realized that my illusion of a picture perfect foggy photo won't happen that morning.

And I also realized, that this is really our reality. Our busy street, cars coming and going, people walking, and no symmetrical pathway with trees on both sides. But when my children look back on these photos, they'll remember the street we lived on. The way leading to their grandparents home, and they'll surely feel the excitement they always feel when running down the block. And the photos I took on this day are the picture perfect photos for our family.

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