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Last January, I set out to preserve the daily memories we were making as a family. Morning routines, homework, shopping trips, the occasional meltdown, and the ever-present love and laughter. I realized that these natural, unscripted moments are what my children will always remember.

This year, I have made a couple resolutions, as I'm sure most of you have.

Firstly, to take one photo a day - a 365 project. To see what my first week of 2017 looked like head over here.

365 - a photo a day. Documenting the beautiful everyday moments.

Secondly and more importantly, to get in the frame at least once a week. To be in a photo - either with my kids or without, so that when we relive our memories and pore through albums in years to come they should see their mother!

Which brings me to my third commitment. To document a day in our life once a month. I hadn't truly considered this until a fellow photographer, Sandi, challenged a group of us to take a photo each hour and document our day. I ended up making it more of a personal Day in the Life session and I'm so happy I accepted that challenge. 

Hour by hour from 6:30 AM to 7:30 PM

This is an ordinary Monday in our house. Simple. Authentic. Beautiful.

From early morning stretches, carpool, nap time, carpool again, homework, dinner and bath time, I documented our day from 6:30 AM to 7:30 PM. 

There was no golden hour sunset. We didn't all hold hands and hug each other. We just lived our Honest Real Everyday. 

Love. Laughter. Teamwork. Persistence. Joy. And even a meltdown (or two).

But this is my life right now and I love it! It's hard. It's tiring. And there's lots of responsibility. But it's invigorating. And rewarding.

Seeing the photos I made of my day, and watching them in the slideshow just gave me goosebumps all over! The beauty inherent in each moment that makes up my day is so hard to miss when you're not living in the moment.

This here is motherhood from my point of view.

And you can have the same experience and feel those goosebumps too. You might think your house is too small. Or too dark. You want to lose those extra 10 pounds first. Or "we don't do anything exciting". Guess what? I want to lose those extra 10 pounds too (okay fine, more like 20). And we don't do anything exciting either, unless you consider carpool, cleaning the kitchen and taking baths exciting! 

As well I joined a group of like-minded photographers who will be documenting one day a month too. If you click here and go to Laura's blog post you can see how she documented her day. If you keep clicking through you'll get to see the beautiful days of more of my fellow talented photographers.

Let's get real this year. ME AND YOU!

I'd love to help you preserve your family's everyday beauty. It can be the simple everyday. Or it can be a favorite activity you do as a family. DROP ME A LINE and tell me what memories you'd like to capture forever.

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