A Beautiful Evening with the Morales Family

I first "met" Whitney through a local Facebook photography group. We hit it off online and then even stayed friends once we met (insert wink eye). She has the two most adorable girls, Addalyn and Finley and a super funny husband. I was so excited for her vote of confidence in letting me capture her awesome family! 

I will let the photos speak for themselves, but I will share what Whitney said to me after she saw her images. "Every time I watch it I see something else that I love! Most importantly...several months ago I was watching a video from Wildflower Photography of her family and I wanted that to be my family. Now seeing my family in that light, I realize that it's already that awesome. You just don't realize that as you're living your every day life. Sometimes it takes seeing yourself through someone else's eyes".

So there ladies (and gentlemen, for those of you reading), this is what it's all about!!