Of friends and cookies...

Don and Jerry have been close friends for close to 50 years now. I was recently honored to photograph Don's surprise 80th birthday where all his friends celebrated such a monumental occasion. Jerry asked Barbara if he could say a few words, and Barbara said as long as you keep it short, light and funny. Which in Jerry's words, "is fairly simple, because pretty much everything with Don is funny!"

Jerry and his family owned Milwaukee Biscuit Company for many years. About 41 years ago, when Jerry turned 40, his friends - Don included came over and figured they'd be funny and brought him a package of Oreos. Just so you all understand, the makers of Oreos were Jerry's biggest competitors, and he really disliked them because they were the best selling cookie on the market. They tried very hard to find a chocolate and cream cookie, but no matter what he found and sold for cheaper, he couldn't beat the Oreo. He made a personal commitment to not eat an Oreo in his life. So when his friends brought him the package of Oreos, he found a place to put the package, pretended to be angry, and that was the end of it.

So when he spoke at Don's 80th birthday, he thought he could relate this funny incident that highlights their unique friendship. He then proceeded to take out a wrapped gift for Don. As you might have guessed, it was a package of Oreos. "In honor of your 80th birthday, I would like to share an Oreo with you", said Jerry. And together they opened the package of Oreos and split a cookie. "So how did that taste", asked Don. And Jerry said "It was a huge disappointment".

This story and these photos are so much more than two men eating a cookie. It is a testament to their friendship spanning many decades and highlights their close connection.