We're Like Family // Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Family Photographer // Storytelling Session

I am so fortunate to have cyber-met Whitney last year, and to have actually become friends in real life. She is an amazing photographer in her own right in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. I love photographing her adorable family and watching them interact and enjoy life together. There are so many things I could say, but I'll let her express her feelings in her own words:

"Every time we are sitting down to dinner my 3 year old says the cutest thing "We're like family". Right now in school she is learning about different kinds of families and how to sign for different family members. It really is the sweetest thing. We have tried to make many special moments for her where we sit down together "like a family" and enjoy a meal or all snuggled on the couch. One of her favorite places to go to as a family is the local bakery. She always requests a doughnut with sprinkles, and has just graduated from only licking off the top to actually eating the entire doughnut. For our holiday session we decided to take the time to capture this family moment for ourselves. 

In addition to my work as a photographer I stay home with my girls. Every day I watch them grow and learn new things. Every day I get to watch them develop a friendship that will last their lifetime. Every day I get to soak it all in. And every single day I want to stop the time, or at least slow it waaaay down. Committing to a minimum of one family session a year has really helped me to be a little more ok with letting our life move at lightning speed. Getting to be in the frame with my family, being mom and not photographer is huge. The pressure is off to try to capture the moment myself. I get to be fully present and Blimie will freeze this perfect family time for me. 

Whether it is us at the bakery or just hanging out at home we allow ourselves to slow down and be 100% present with each other. I cannot think of a better way to preserve these precious days."

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