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Well, November was a pretty long month. I can't believe it started out still in the 70's and we are now well into the 40-50's (my kids are wearing their winter coats already). But on the very first day of November we took advantage of the beautiful weather and went on a little outing.

Fall in Wisconsin is hanging on for longer than I expected. It's been so nice here this week and it's supposed to continue going into next week. I decided to treat my kids to a picnic dinner the other night - hello November 1st and 73 degrees!!

We had an easy dinner (and no mess at home - score!), and then went on a gorgeous little hike on a path in the "woods". And to top it all of (Oh, haha, pun intended!), there was a perfectly sized hill that the kids had an amazing time rolling down, until one of them said he's going to throw up. Comment if you think he did.

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