Camera 101 // Beginner Photography course for Moms // Milwaukee, Wisconsin

We all work hard as parents. You enjoy being present and appreciate the beauty in simplicity and reality. And you want your children to look back at their childhood and remember all the love, devotion and connection they grew up with. This is why I am so passionate about Family Storytelling Photography! You're making memories every single day, every single moment and they deserve to be recorded and documented for posterity.

Girl in shopping cart in Target, Brookfield, Wisconsin

Photographing other families and their daily routines fuel my passion and fills heart and soul, which has led me to offering workshops to moms so they can take advantage of their DSLR and capture their day to day moments. (After all, as much as we'd all love for a professional photographer to live in our homes, it's not really so feasible).

This workshop will be held in Milwaukee (Fox Point) from 10-1 on Sunday, February 19, 2017!

This workshop is designed specifically for mothers. I will be teaching you how and why to use your camera in the manual mode to create a quality image. We go over the camera basics, touch on photo composition, you get to practice with a model, and there is plenty of time for question and answer during and at the end of the workshop. Space in this workshop is very limited to ensure that I can spend plenty of time with each attendee and make sure that everyone walks out the door confident. In addition to the class time I also have a facebook group that all attendees have access too. This is a place to ask questions while you are practicing and I can give tips and feedback on your images if you'd like. The fee for the workshop is $97. 


If you have any other questions shoot me a quick email at or click here.